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How much does this program cost?

There is no registration fee, tuition expense, or other upfront money needed. All you need is a vehicle.

Can I qualify for an internship or co-op?

Yes! In fact, students have received up to 6 credits for participating in our program.

What are the risks?

Very little. In fact, 95% of last year's group of Student Managers succeeded in reaching our financial targets! This high percentage is due to the fact that we provide you with the necessary training and support from start to finish.

What are the liabilities?

We arrange extensive liability insurance and worker's compensation coverage to protect you and your painters. As an employee of YEAA, Branch Managers are not liable for worker’s compensation claims nor insurance claims.

What are the time commitments?

The Branch Manager position is a full-time job in the summer months. Starting in March, the job requires 6-10 hours/week. This work will consist of various per-season activities such as training, marketing, sales, and recruitment. All of the pre-season activities can be scheduled during weekends or after class; this program does not conflict with school. Successful managers devote 40 hours per week, on average, for the entire summer.

What is the pathway to success?

Click here to watch this short slide show to see the pathway to sucess with YEAA.

What do other young entrepreneurs think about the program?

Click here to watch this video testimonial from our students.


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"If students can obtain entrepreneurial experience through a summer job, it gives them a definite competitive advantage over their peers. In my judgment, the student manager program that Student Painters provides develops transferable skills that are invaluable in the business world.”

— Jim Lynde, Vice President,
Human Resources Westin Hotels and Resorts, North America

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